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Commercial businesses throughout all Industries can reduce the engery consumed by HVAC-R with SmartClime
  • Restaurants and Fast Food Chains

    SmartClime is working with Restaurants and Fast Food Chains around the country to cook up more ways to reduce energy consumption, lower expenses and boost more profits. Think about it, just because your refrigerators and freezers are working doesn’t mean their working well—at least not when it comes to energy efficiency. And what about your air conditioning? In the summertime and especially during peak hours, it is costly to keep your facility comfortable if your not optimizing its performance (more…) ... read more >

  • Commercial and Residential Property Management

    Utility bills are often the largest operating expense for commercial spaces and residential property management. At the same time energy efficiency is a critical green practice that helps make properties more appealing and financially competitive. Replacing inefficient equipment early can help property managers and building owners retain tenants, increase asset values and reduce operating costs (more…) ... read more >

  • Retailers and Chains

    In a typical retail outlet or chain, lighting, cooling and heating make up between 69-84% of total energy consumption depending on the systems used and climate. Utility companies charge commercial buildings on consumption and demand. Making energy consumption a prime focus for retailers and chains to look for ways to reduce their consumption and costs (more…) ... read more >

  • Grocery and Convenience Stores

    Did you know that approximately 44-77% of a typical grocery store’s utility bill is consumed by refrigeration and lighting depending on climate? That makes these systems the best target for energy savings. And although energy makes up around 1% of grocery stores operational costs, it is generally equal to its profit margin (more…) ... read more >

  • Manufacturers and Warehouses

    Buildings use 36% of all energy consumed in the U.S. according to The Common Fire Foundation. 65% of this is electricity. The largest utility expense for warehouses and small manufacturers is typically associated with HVAC and lighting (more…) ... read more >

  • HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance Companies

    Help your customers save money and become more eco-friendly in the process! SmartClime reduces energy consumption of compressors found in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R) by 20% or more. It's easy to install and there's no capital investment upfront. The best part is that the system pays for itself immediately (more…) ... read more >

  • Solar and Energy Savings Systems Installers

    Your customers are already looking for ways to reduce energy consumption that's why they turned to you. How would you like to extend your offering and also help them reduce energy being consumed by HVAC and Refrigeration systems too? (more…) ... read more >

  • Local Government & Municipalities

    Did you know 70% of our global energy is consumed by Cities? And, Cities worldwide are growing fast. In fact, by 2030 Cities are projected to become home to more than 60% of the global population (Seto and Dhakal 2014). Knowing that and the fact that they inherently hold a large energy footprint, Cities are well positioned to have significant impacts on energy use. (more…) ... read more >

Lower Your HVAC and Refrigeration Energy Consumption by 20%+

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