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Local Government & Municipalities

Did you know 70% of our global energy is consumed by Cities? And, Cities worldwide are growing fast. In fact, by 2030 Cities are projected to become home to more than 60% of the global population (Seto and Dhakal 2014). Knowing that and the fact that they inherently hold a large energy footprint, Cities are well positioned to have significant impacts on energy use.

Now according to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy can account for 10% or more of local government’s annual operating budgets. Last year, the Cities-LEAP (Cities Leading through Energy Analysis and Planning) initiative was launched through U.S. Department of Energy’s Office and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Its purpose is to provide local government, municipalities and city decision makers with a framework to be able to:

  • Set clime or energy goals
  • Prioritize and implement strategies
  • Make data-driven energy decisions

Why SmartClime?

SmartClime helps local government, municipalities and city decision makers decrease the energy consumption for HVAC and refrigeration systems by 20% or more. The product is a cloud-based solution that monitors and optimizes consumption while ensuring room temperature is always just right and your food meets the FDA’s approved freshness. Because it’s a cloud-based solution, it continually collects data. Data that you have access to so you can see the reduction in energy being consumed by your existing air conditioning systems, heat pumps and refrigeration systems. It identifies any anomalies such as if an air conditioning system is on at night on the weekends when it shouldn’t be.

SmartClime works with existing cooling, heating and refrigeration systems and it there’s no upfront capital investment. It simply attaches to your thermostat and begins to optimize your systems performance. SmartClime helps local government, municipalities and city decision makers:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 20%+
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduce their city’s carbon footprint
  • Re-invest their savings into other ways to help stimulate the economy or solve problems

And the payback is immediate.

To find out more about SmartClime and our energy-saving solutions, call 855-210-5889 or register for a demo today!



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