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Energy Savings for Warehouses - SmartClime

Manufacturers and Warehouses

Buildings use 36% of all energy consumed in the U.S. according to The Common Fire Foundation. 65% of this is electricity. The largest utility expense for warehouses and small manufacturers is typically associated with HVAC and lighting.

SmartClime is a proven technology that helps you save 20% or more on energy consumption. These savings can represent thousands of dollars in revenue each year depending on your systems and climate. And SmartClime is not a capital investment. In fact, the solution pays for itself immediately as well as provides companies with a host of ways they can save money in addition to the reductions in their energy bills. Customers generally qualify for tax breaks and special incentives from utility companies.

Find out how SmartClime can help you reduce your operational expenses and drive those savings to your bottom line. Call us at 855-210-5889 or register for a demo today!


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