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Energy Saving Companies Like Solar, Can Extend Their Offering Now - SmartClime

Solar and Energy Savings Systems Installers

Your customers are already looking for ways to reduce energy consumption that’s why they turned to you. How would you like to extend your offering and also help them reduce energy being consumed by HVAC and Refrigeration systems too?

SmartClime is cloud-based technology that works with your customer’s existing systems. It uses a small device that we call the CoolArrow that connects to your customers thermostats.

  • CoolArrow does not affect the thermostat settings or occupants comfort
  • Our Smartcool algorithm runs in the cloud
  • SmartClime remotely monitors and controls the compressors
  • Our system is powered by the most reliable cellular network – it does not use WIFI or other customer networks
  • And because we host it on a private cloud, it delivers high service availability and faster speeds

The best is that the solution pays for itself immediately as well as provides companies with a host of ways they can save money including reductions in energy bills, tax breaks and special incentives from utility companies. More importantly, SmartClime helps your customers cut monthly utility costs, increase property values and reduce their carbon footprint.

Give your customers even more ways to save. For more information, call us at 855-210-5889 or register for a demo.


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