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HVAC Fan - SmartClime Reduces Energy Consumption


SmartClime Uses Proven Technology that
Saves Companies Thousands of Dollars

Businesses are always looking for ways to decrease their operational costs. Cutting back on energy use can improve bottom lines and help the environment, and greening efforts likely won’t go unnoticed by customers either.  There are many things businesses can do to reduce their utility bills, but most options include a large capital investment upfront and the ROI may not be realized for years.

SMARTCLIME is an energy efficiency solution designed to help businesses lower their monthly expenses, increase property values and support sustainability initiatives. With SMARTCLIME there is no capital investment; it’s just a monthly expense that is a fraction of the electric bill savings.

How It Works:

The solution uses a small device that plugs into a thermostat and connect a customer’s existing HVAC, heating pump and/or refrigeration systems to our cloud-base solution.

How it works - SmartClime

Durable Hardware:

CoolArrow Hardware - SmartClimeThe CoolArrow device is a small piece of hardware designed to connect to existing thermostats. The device transmits data back to our cloud-based platform over the most reliable cellular network. Our team of certified installers connects the units whether it is for HVAC systems or refrigeration.

Reliable Software:

SmartClime’s platform is built using the latest cloud-based technology and is designed to regulate the compressors in existing cooling and heating systems. Monthly reports showing the actual savings will be provided to customers.

Proven Technology:

SmartClime cloud-base solution uses the Smartcool algorithm to send commands back and forth to optimize your HVAC and refrigeration systems. The Smartcool technology has been helping businesses reduce energy consumption for over 10 years.  Smartcool’s algorithm that has undergone significant testing and validation by organizations such as:

  • AESC
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • US Chillers
  • University of Miami
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • And more


Lower Your HVAC and Refrigeration Energy Consumption by 20%+

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